The Neverending Remodeling Project: My Office

It’s day 984 and I am still not finished with my office.  I started this project in August of 2014 and it’s haunted me ever since.  The paint has been removed, however, I’m not looking forward to sanding all the molding; it’s going to be so messy.  I might just leave it how it is and attempt to stain over it.  Next step is to place plywood over the decaying floor and install carpet or laminate.

I will be painting the walls white with some blue thrown in.  After that I get to make some shelves for my Superman toys, some stands for my vintage Apple products and maybe buy some frames to hang family photos…

In 2017, my #1 priority (on sunny days) is the Great Wall of Stafford, however, on rainy days, I will be finishing this or being forced to help Kathy with her projects.

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