The Great Wall of Stafford – The Beginning

Saturday, April 15th, 2017

The construction of the ‘Great Wall of Stafford’ has begun.  Not only did I need to dig trenches that were 12″ deep and 24″ wide, I also needed to fix the grading in front of the new wall.  Luckily, General Rental is just a mile away and they are very lax on renting large equipment out to people like me.  I was surprised they let me rent the Mini Excavator, Kubota U17.  They probably thought, “What’s the worst that could happen?”.

The Kubota worked well fixing the grading issue, but it didn’t work that well digging the trenches. I wasn’t able to get the excavator into a decent angle to dig out the trenches properly, so I still had a lot of manual digging to do.

I didn’t do that horribly with the machinery for my first time.  I managed to only damage two things; I damaged the corner of the gutters on the garage and the 4×4 post used as part as Bettis’s dog run.  To my defense, that post was already cracked and with a little nudge to the cord that connected that post to the tree finished the job.

I wasn’t able to do any work Sunday the 15th since I had Easter mass and family fun.

Saturday, April 22nd

Today, the wall kicked my ass! I pushed myself for six hours and knew I was going to be sore, but sore does not begin to describe how I ended up feeling Sunday.

Sunday morning I woke obviously sore, but I thought I could do more work. Ha!  I ended up lasting a little over an hour and called it a day. My body was shot; the work I did pushed my body over it’s limit. I spent the rest of Sunday in bed; every move was followed with cringing and curses, there was also some shivering which wasn’t caused by being cold.

Next week I hope to get the gravel down, form a solid, level base and start the first row of blocks.  The base is extremely important and difficult, it needs to be level in every direction.

Current Progress

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