Remodeling a Horribly Remodeled Bathroom – Update 2

The bathroom is almost finished; Kathy has done an amazing job. She just finished the shower doors. All that is remaining is some molding. Kathy is also planning on building some shelves, cabinets, etc. if we cannot find anything reasonable at Ikea.

The previous owner’s remodel was done so poorly, it literally depressed and angered me to even enter the room. Everything they did baffled me. How could they be so naive and think any of their decisions were good? How could they be satisfied with the subpar quality of their work? Now it’s history and finally, I can use the bathroom and not feel depressed or anger.

Kathy’s Remodel:

If Kathy can finish an entire room in two months… maybe I can ignore my perfectionism and stop it from preventing me from finishing my office, aka, the never-ending project. I’ll finish it after the retaining wall, I promise. lol.

The Previous Owner’s Horrible Remodel

So what made the previous remodel so bad? Just for starters:

  • The tiles on the floor and in the shower were completely uneven.
  • The lighting was horrible.
  • The tub’s shut-off valves were inaccessible. To get to them, the wood paneling would need ripped off. Even then, the toilet was so close it was still difficult to access.