Remodeling a Horribly Remodeled Bathroom – Update 1

Kathy is doing an amazing job with her first large 2017 project.   I gave this project the category of “Summer 2017” but I think this will be complete before Summer begins.

What’s Changed?

A lot of has been completed since the last update.  We installed a large LED light in the middle of the ceiling and she removed all the horribly installed recessed lighting.  Shiplap installed on the main wall (no drywall for that wall!), walls painted, toilet relocated and the vanity… we all have hated that monstrosity since we have moved in but decided to take a chance by giving it a little white paint and some bling… new faucets. Since there was no budget for a new vanity we are thrilled it turned out this beautiful and we all love the new look.

What’s Left?

Kathy still have the bathtub/shower to install, lights and mirrors to hang, laminate flooring installation and bringing back that old shit, the toilet.  After that, she should be complete and fingers crossed, she may also come in way under budget.

I am thankful she doesn’t suffer from the Stafford curse, the curse of never completely finishing a project…. I swear, my office will be done this summer!

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