Remodeling a Horribly Remodeled Bathroom

Our bathroom only looked good in pictures or a quick glance and unfortunately we didn’t really inspect every aspect before we moved in. We soon realized the “Gentleman” who remodeled the bathroom was an absolute asshole. Kathy started noticing the issues before I did, but I was probably trying to ignore them so I wouldn’t stress.

The Awful Lighting:
Two chandeliers were hung from the ceiling in front of the mirrors and recessed lighting was installed on the ceiling.  I don’t apply makeup so I never thought about the lighting as an issue.

The Horrible Floor:
Evidently, the dude didn’t realize or care that he could have found accurate instructions on how to properly lay tile by searching Google. The tile is so uneven that attempting to mop the floor makes a larger mess.

The Poorly Hung Mirrors:
The drywall the mirrors were hung on was about a 1/2-inch-thick and behind it is the chimney.  The screws the mirrors hung to dear life on were themselves hanging on for dear life and sadly both ironically plunged to the floor on the same day, glass shards flying everywhere.

The Unreachable Jacuzzi Water Shut-off Valve and Window of Doom:
I noticed this right away.  I was hoping to enjoy a nice soak in this oversized water-waster when I started having issues turning off the water.  The Jacuzzi has some decent looking wood work covering the side opposite the wall.  There’s one thing that they forgot and it would’ve made it better… access to the water shut off valve.  The dude probably assumed I wouldn’t mind running all the way down to the basement, in a towel and desperately try to guess which valve went to the Jacuzzi.  The other issue with this tub is it is right next to an old window with thin glass.  I guess the idea of “water + soap” could cause a slippery situation.

The Shower; Of All the Options, He Chose the Worst:
Apparently, the shower began life as a large closet with beautiful drawers and woodwork.  The closet was torn apart and turned into a tiled oddity.  After a few weeks of showers, the grout started crumbling, the recessed lights above the shower stopped working because of the steam.  During the winter months, the access panel must be kept opened, if not, the water lines freeze.  Wonder if that’s up to code.

Six years later we have decided to remodel and water has started seeping behind the tiles.  Thankfully no mold has started growing.  When we opened the access panel more we discovered an old-timey electrical cable intersecting the water pipes.  I’m no electrician, but that is not correct.  The dude just cut a lot of corners to get a plug on that wall.

Normally when working with tile, you use cement board as a base.  He decided that was to… correct and decided to go with some fiberboard.  To show his ‘asshole stupidity’, he not only screwed the fiberboard everywhere he could, he also glued the shit out of it.  That did not make for a happy Kathy… demoing is her favorite part of remodeling!

There’s More Demo Excitement Still to Come: 

  • Drywall Removal
  • Removal of the Jacuzzi
  • Moving the toilet
  • Ripping up the floor
  • Removal of the Chandeliers and recessed lighting

What are We Adding/Improving?

  • Better lighting!
  • Better Flooring!
  • Real Mirrors!
  • A real Tub/Shower!
  • A Sauna!!! (For me)
  • Actual Shelving!

Updates and Pictures will be posted periodically, so please check back.

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