New Downstairs Floors

When Kathy and I moved into our house back in July 2011, the floors were covered with ugly, smelly red carpet. We tore that carpet out and discovered why they stunk. It appeared that animals were using it as a pee pad for years.

Underneath the carpeting was unfinished wood flooring. Prior to moving in Kathy worked extremely hard sanding and staining the entire first floor. The floors looked great… until we adopted Bettis.

Bettis is a large dog, weighing in around 50lbs. Everytime he ran around a corner, slide to a stop, his claws would rip up the wood. After a couple years of this, the floors were in horrible shape and something needed to be done.

Kathy and I decided to purchase laminate flooring since it wasn’t extremely expensive compared to other flooring types. We figured no matter how “pet/scratch” friendly the more expensive wood floors were, they probably would be no match for Bettis and our growing puppy, Kara.

Since I was busy at work during the weekdays, this turned into a Kathy Project and she did a great job. Now the floors are resistant to scratches and an added bonus is that when the dogs “accidently” pee on the floor, clean up is a breeze.