New Dog = Time for a Fence

Before we adopted Kara, our new Border Collie/Chocolate Lab mix puppy, we were delaying erecting a fence, however, with the new puppy, the fence project moved into priority #1.  The unfinished retaining wall was placed on hold. The Stafford Wolf Pack was in need of an open space where they could hunt birds, bees and squirrels.

The fence stands at 5 feet and its total length is a little over 200 feet.  It has two 6′ gates and one 3′ gate. There are 29 posts in total, 13 terminal posts and 16 line posts. All 29 post holes are 24″ deep and have a diameter of 8″. The internets suggested that the hole’s depth should be about 2 diameter should be 3x the post’s diameter (the terminal post’s diameter is 2.6).

With a lot of planning and the proper equipment we finished this project in about 5 days.  The hardest part was digging the holes. We couldn’t handle digging all 29 manually, so we decided to rent an auger. The first auger we rented was a 2-Man Auger. Big mistake. Depending on soil composition, the 2-Man sometimes became a 3-Person Auger; damn clay and rocks. We were only able to get 5 holes dug using it.

With 24 holes left we needed something easier. The next weekend I went to General Rent-All and they finally had the 1-Man Auger available so we rented that. The 1-Man was easier, we still ran into some back-breaking situations. It was harder to maneuver and if we weren’t careful, the drill bit would get lodged in the hole because of the clay/rocks. Luckily, we finished all the holes without injuring our backs… to badly.

We used concrete on the first hole and it required 100 lbs. to fill.  There was no way we were going to fill the other 28 holes with concrete.  Carting around 2800 lbs. of concrete is insane.  Luckily, God invented Post Hole Foam, which is probably the coolest product I’ve seen in years. This stuff costs about $10 which is more expensive than the back-breaking alternative, but it’s worth every dollar. The product consists of two pouches of liquid separated by a seal. To activate, roll up on pouch to break the seal, mix the liquids together for about 15 seconds, cut open the pouch and pour. The mixture produces a foam that fills the hole and sets in under 5 minutes. A bag of this foam is 33 fl. oz…  and it replaces 100 lbs. of concrete.

“Funny” Story. We had finished the fence on the front/side/driveway sides, leaving the back unfinished. Two pitbulls heard Bettis and tried to enter our yard.  With the majority fenced off we were safe for the moment.  I forgot about the back being incomplete but we were able to get all 4 dogs inside just in time.  The pitbulls confronted me at the back door and I was able to get them to run off.  Shortly after their owner drove by and retrieved them. The two dogs seemed friendly, but I was still really nervous. We don’t have to worry about that happening again now the fence is complete.