Kara’s DNA Results Have Arrived

After weeks of waiting for Kara’s DNA results, they have arrived. Before I get to her genetic background, I have some good news which I will announce with a common Maury meme:

Eric, the results are in…

Hahahaha…. I could continue on with that joke, but I’ll leave it to your imagination. Either way, it makes me giggle 🤣.

Who’s Kara?

Kara, aka Superdog is the 4th and newest member of the Stafford wolf pack. To read more about the pack, click here.

Why a 4th dog, aren’t three dogs enough? Three dogs are a handful, but Kathy and I thought Bettis needed a companion that was more his size. Bettis is almost 6 years old and we thought that we’d get him a friend before he started slowing down in his old age. We have two other dogs, but unfortunately they are too small for Bettis to rough-house with.

Kara’s Genetic Background

Breed Percentages According to Wisdom Panel:
The Wisdom Panel computer algorithm performed over 18 million calculations using 11 different models (from a single breed to complex combinations of breeds) to predict the most likely combination of pure and mixed-breed dogs in the last three ancestral generations that best fit the DNA marker pattern observed in Kara. Here you will find the results of these calculations. How does Wisdom Panel get these percentages?

Rottweiler Mix
Australian Shepherd
Flat-Coated Retriever Mix

Heath Information

According to the Wisdom Panel, Kara’s main traits are:

  • Guard
  • Herding
  • Sporting

Kara is currently 4 months old and weighs 17lbs. I’ve read that you can get a good idea of her adult weight by doubling her weight at 6 months. So… she’ll probably be over 40lbs. Kathy and I were hoping she’d be above 30, but no more than 50lbs. We want her to be close to our other dog’s weight of 50lbs.

Wisdom Panel predicts Kara’s adult weight to fall between 37lb-59lbs. Once she reaches adult size, I will update this post. I understand that is just an estimation as her size is also depends on her lifetime nutrition and exercise level.

Multidrug Sensitivity:
Wisdom Panel also informed us that she might have a mutation of the MDR1 gene which could cause sensitivity to medication. They say: “These dogs have one copy of the MDR1 mutation and one copy of the normal MDR1 gene. They may pass on the mutant gene to their offspring (50% chance). These dogs require reduced drug doses for most drugs that are pumped by P-glycoprotein“. They also mention that the “Mode of Inheritance” is dominant.

Kara’s Ancestry Infographic

Overall, I am happy with the Wisdom Panel experience. I trust it’s accuracy. There are other DNA kits available, but since I am satisfied with this DNA kit, I don’t really see the need to spend money on other tests.

Currently Wisdom Panel retails for $79.96 on Amazon and I’ve seen it on sale around Christmas.


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