It’s Starting this Spring… a Massive Retaining Wall

When Kathy and I moved into this house in June 2011, we had a lot of projects.  She took on the ones that required tools and stuff I know nothing about and I chose to replace an old retaining wall with a less crappy wall.  Since we couldn’t afford the fancy blocks, I settled for concrete blocks.  I’ve hated that choice ever since and 2017 is the year I correct that mistake.

The New Great Wall of Stafford

The New Retaining Wall, some assembly required.

I purchased 160 blocks totaling over 9,200lbs.  I will need 40 more to finish phase 1 of the wall.

The Old Horrible Wall
This wall spans 25 feet and it came out level (Kathy did the first row since I lack the patience). At one point it started to cave in the middle and I had to rush and fill it with a lot of gravel. I filled it a little too much and now grass won’t grow around the top.  So long old wall, you will not be missed.

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