Goodbye Porch Roof, Hello Pergola

As I’ve said many times before, it’s sometimes overwhelming owning a 100+ year old house.  Over the century Mother Nature sure has wreaked havoc on the wood exterior.   Kathy and I are somewhat lucky that the carpenters in the olden days used cedar a lot.  If the wood underneath the slate tiles was not cedar, then we would be in bad shape.  Cedar tends to hold up longer than other woods.

Our slate roof has a few missing slate tiles and a few leaks.  I would love to replace the slate with something else but the roofers have been quoting around $15k; repairs are 5x less. I am torn, I dislike slate as do home insurers, but I do like money and I could use that cash on other much needed repairs.

Two years ago, we noticed a leak on our porch roof.  Kathy opened it up and noticed extensive rot; damn you water!  The posts holding the roof up were even worse, you could literally poke your figure through the wood. Continue reading “Goodbye Porch Roof, Hello Pergola”