The Great Wall of Stafford: Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend Update

Monday, May 29th, I managed to place approximately 25 blocks, in total, I currently have around 70 are in place.  Unfortunately, I still have about one hundred 55lb. blocks left.

To view and download the photos, visit Google Photos.

The Great Wall of Stafford: Level ≠ Levelish. Must… Start… Over…

As I completed more and more of this Great Wall, my perfectionist side of my personality became impossible to ignore. I usually only listen to it when I am at work and programming but it was overpowering and I caved.

I blame my dad (voice of common sense and logic).  He said that no matter how much I want ‘Levelish*‘ to be acceptable, it wasn’t, level ≠ levelish*. That and another issue made it impossible to live with how the wall was, so I dismantled it Sunday, May 7th. Continue reading “The Great Wall of Stafford: Level ≠ Levelish. Must… Start… Over…”

The Great Wall of Stafford – The Beginning

Saturday, April 15th, 2017

The construction of the ‘Great Wall of Stafford’ has begun.  Not only did I need to dig trenches that were 12″ deep and 24″ wide, I also needed to fix the grading in front of the new wall.  Luckily, General Rental is just a mile away and they are very lax on renting large equipment out to people like me.  I was surprised they let me rent the Mini Excavator, Kubota U17.  They probably thought, “What’s the worst that could happen?”. Continue reading “The Great Wall of Stafford – The Beginning”

The Neverending Remodeling Project: My Office

It’s day 984 and I am still not finished with my office.  I started this project in August of 2014 and it’s haunted me ever since.  The paint has been removed, however, I’m not looking forward to sanding all the molding; it’s going to be so messy.  I might just leave it how it is and attempt to stain over it.  Next step is to place plywood over the decaying floor and install carpet or laminate.

I will be painting the walls white with some blue thrown in.  After that I get to make some shelves for my Superman toys, some stands for my vintage Apple products and maybe buy some frames to hang family photos… Continue reading “The Neverending Remodeling Project: My Office”

It’s Starting this Spring… a Massive Retaining Wall

When Kathy and I moved into this house in June 2011, we had a lot of projects.  She took on the ones that required tools and stuff I know nothing about and I chose to replace an old retaining wall with a less crappy wall.  Since we couldn’t afford the fancy blocks, I settled for concrete blocks.  I’ve hated that choice ever since and 2017 is the year I correct that mistake.

The New Great Wall of Stafford

The New Retaining Wall, some assembly required.

I purchased 160 blocks totaling over 9,200lbs.  I will need 40 more to finish phase 1 of the wall. Continue reading “It’s Starting this Spring… a Massive Retaining Wall”

The Small Retaining Wall of 2016

Last year it was time to fix two other drooping areas with retaining walls.  These two came out better than expected… and Kathy didn’t help me with the first row, I was actually calm… well except that time I lost it, threw a 20+lb block and felt like I tore off my shoulder… but it flew at least 5+ feet a distance to be proud of.

These two walls were really good practice… the behemoth wall of 2017 currently in prep is scheduled to begin Saturday April 15th. Continue reading “The Small Retaining Wall of 2016”