The Great Wall of Stafford: Level ≠ Levelish. Must… Start… Over…

As I completed more and more of this Great Wall, my perfectionist side of my personality became impossible to ignore. I usually only listen to it when I am at work and programming but it was overpowering and I caved.

I blame my dad (voice of common sense and logic).  He said that no matter how much I want ‘Levelish*‘ to be acceptable, it wasn’t, level ≠ levelish*. That and another issue made it impossible to live with how the wall was, so I dismantled it Sunday, May 7th. Continue reading “The Great Wall of Stafford: Level ≠ Levelish. Must… Start… Over…”

The Great Wall of Stafford – The Beginning

Saturday, April 15th, 2017

The construction of the ‘Great Wall of Stafford’ has begun.  Not only did I need to dig trenches that were 12″ deep and 24″ wide, I also needed to fix the grading in front of the new wall.  Luckily, General Rental is just a mile away and they are very lax on renting large equipment out to people like me.  I was surprised they let me rent the Mini Excavator, Kubota U17.  They probably thought, “What’s the worst that could happen?”. Continue reading “The Great Wall of Stafford – The Beginning”

Kathy’s Kitchen Remodel

Kathy’s projects are HER projects; I only get involved in a few areas.  I will do all the heavy lifting that’s needed, I will happily demolish anything I deem interesting to destroy, I will make the largest fire possible in the burn barrel and gleefully burn whatever I can fit into said barrel… oh, and I will always take credit for all Kathy’s successfully completed projects.  That’s just my thing and trust me, she thinks it’s super adorable.  Joking!  Kathy and everyone are fully aware that I cannot successfully use tools without eventual failure and/or disfigurement of myself or others in my vicinity.

This surprise renovation happened one year ago tomorrow, April 13th.  After a “long” day of “work”, I waltz into the house to find the entrance way and kitchen floors torn apart and although I’ve come accustomed to events like these, it’s still a tad irritating.  Luckily, she knew how to divert my attention, she was super nice and put a lot of large pieces of wood and other burnable items next to my trusty burn barrel. Continue reading “Kathy’s Kitchen Remodel”

Goodbye Porch Roof, Hello Pergola

As I’ve said many times before, it’s sometimes overwhelming owning a 100+ year old house.  Over the century Mother Nature sure has wreaked havoc on the wood exterior.   Kathy and I are somewhat lucky that the carpenters in the olden days used cedar a lot.  If the wood underneath the slate tiles was not cedar, then we would be in bad shape.  Cedar tends to hold up longer than other woods.

Our slate roof has a few missing slate tiles and a few leaks.  I would love to replace the slate with something else but the roofers have been quoting around $15k; repairs are 5x less. I am torn, I dislike slate as do home insurers, but I do like money and I could use that cash on other much needed repairs.

Two years ago, we noticed a leak on our porch roof.  Kathy opened it up and noticed extensive rot; damn you water!  The posts holding the roof up were even worse, you could literally poke your figure through the wood. Continue reading “Goodbye Porch Roof, Hello Pergola”